What if you died today?

If you died today and I and your friends attended your funeral. Which would your family find most valuable?

  1. A $20,000 check from Gofundme
  2. A $100 dollar bill and a sympathy card
  3. A dish of food or a dessert
  4. A Flower arrangement
  • 5. A check that would allow your family to pay off debts, pay off the mortgage, pay for a good portion of your child’s education and replace years of lost income.
  • If you chose #5 message me so we can sit down and talk. Email:fmoreno2@farmersagent.com
  • I know its uncomfortable to think about death and dying, we don’t like to think about dying. Death, our own or of a loved one will affect us all at one point or another. Better to be prepared to prevent financial hardship for your family.

    What plans have you made to protect your family financially?

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