“Security For A Family”

I vividly recall the day and time I got married and the days and times our 2 sons were born. The last 18 and 20 years have come and gone quicker than I could imagine.

I am thankful and greatful to have a wife and two sons, they are true blessings in my life.
Because I love my family I wanted to make certain that if a no longer here to provide for
them emotionally or financially, I wanted to be certain their future was secure.

I have made my families future secure by investing in a life insurance policy.
I have made the decision to move monies from my left pocket to my right pocket; meaning
that I have made the choice to drink 1 less starbucks coffee per week and eating out 1 less time per month. By making this conscious decisiion my family won’t have to worry about paying for our home when my time on this earth has come to an end.

Dying is not something none of us really like to talk about, however sooner or later whether young or old, we will all eventually die.

As the saying goes, we reap what we sow, today is the time to plan for your future so that tomorrow your family feels secure.

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