Rest for Ultimate Performance

Getting rest is the most important thing we can do to rejuvenate our minds and our bodies. The United Stated has the highest rates stress due to overwork and lack of rest. 55% of Americans don’t take the time off that they have earned. Additionally, 110,000 million worldwide die yearly due to stress.

The harder we work at something the more rest the body needs. Research shows that athletes who train at high levels need rest, the harder the training the more rest the body needs to recover. If you don’t get the rest you need your level of productivity will drop; your health and your emotional well being suffers too.

The solution take planned time off from work. A vacation will help you rest and rejuvenate. Don’t get stuck in the rut of thinking that the more you work the more you will get done. Don’t let the fear of being outperformed or losing your job keep you from resting from your work.

A planned vacation will help you maintain or improve your family relationships. Most great memories are made during a vacation; don’t delay take time off. Your well being and your family will benefit the greatest.

When you return your work will still be there but because you rested you will be more energized and will perform better. And your boss and coworkers will appreciate you more for it.

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