Protection You Can Count On

The Joy Of Having Your Loss Problem Resolved.

A families home is place where we eat, relax, sleep and  share life. We love and make long lasting memories in a home. A home is our castle. When a families home is suddenly destroyed, a small part of us dies and we have many feelings. Feelings of anger, sadness, despair and fear.

The client calls and says my mobile home has been hit by a car. The driver fell asleep at the wheel. Client has lots of questions. Is my mobile home getting fixed? Is my furniture and other personal property covered? Where will I live while home gets repaired?

As the clients agent, I listen and sympathize.  I provide comfort and some peace of mind by assuring her that our company will treat her family right.

The claims department provides the client with another mobile home to live while claim is processed and incident investigated. It is determined her home is not fixable. The client still wonders, how will my family be taken care of,  she had paid $10,500.  A determination is made.

Due to replacement cost protection the client receives restitution of $58,800. Excitement and joy fill her heart. She can now buy a newer home for her family.

Having the right protection matters most when you need it!


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