Protecting Your Assets

Something to really think about. You’re traveling out of town with your family, driving through several states to your final vacation destination. As you drive your SUV you have a sense of peace and security.

You get to where you’re going and enjoy the food,, the wine, the delicatessens, the ocean views, visiting the many shops that cater to tourists like you. You take photos and make lifetime memories with your family.

10 days later you and your loved ones drive back home still feeling at peace and secure. You listened to the advise we gave you when we sat down face to face to discuss your liability coverages.

You made the wise choice not to carry the state minimum liability coverages of $25,000 per person and $50,000. Per accident. You chose higher liability protection to make sure your family and your assets are protected. If you had been at fault for a severe accident, you would be protected and that is peace of mind.

It’s important not to put yourself at risk to save $5-$10 per month, saving a few bucks could cost you thousands or even millions in the long run.

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