Feelings of Superiority ( why humbleness will serve you better)

  • Most of us love Superman and other superheroes. I think our fascination comes from seeing them as superior in agility, speed or strength. They all have another positive trait in common. They care about the well being of others and use their powers to serve.
  • We too can be smarter, faster or have special skills and abilities that can make us stand out above others. We have the responsibility of using our gifts and talents wisely. Not doing so can lead to feelings of superiority.

    Acting as if we’re superior to others, will lead to the downfall of a leader. Having more education, being smarter or having a higher position in an organization can cause a person to have feelings of Superiority.

    Behaving in such a way, will cause a person to lose influence with family, friends and co-workers. People who behave this way are difficult to deal with, they tend to be demanding, prideful and not open to coaching from others.

    No matter how smart or successful you become, there’s always someone smarter or more successful. Remember where you came from before becoming successful. Be patient with others and invest in others to teach them what someone taught you. Success breeds success and increases your influence.

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