“Critics are Right and They’re Wrong”

Hello Friends, today I’m sharing some insights I learned from a video from Marie TV.  Marie interviews Seth Godin, and he helps us rethink our marketing strategy and how we approach people.    Struggling To Find Marketing Strategies That Work . 

Whatever product or service you offer, there will always be supporters and there will also be critics.

Critics are right because they don’t know what you know, they don’t want what you want and they don’t need what you need. We must thank them for their opinions because that’s their opinion.

We say thank you for taking time to give me your opinion and then we move on. We listen to the critics but we focus our energies on those who want and need our products or services. We can’t be everything to everyone. It’s more important to find the few that love and want what we offer than to focus on trying to reach everyone.

I’m in the insurance business and my company, Farmers Insurance is not the cheapest on price. What we offer is worth the price you pay.

We provide you excellent agent and staff personal customer service. We rank very high in customer credibility. Our claims handling experience is good as per our customers feedback.

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