Christmas Is Not About The Presents

The Christmas Season for many is fun, however for some not so fun. If we place an emphasis on the presents we receive rather than the gift of time we have with family, we can easily feel overwhelmed and pressured.

Christmas is a great time to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have or don’t get.  Extending Hospitality is the greatest gift we can give on Christmas and any time of the year.  Calling a friend, sending a card, sitting down for coffee or a meal are more valuable than diamonds or gold.

Giving to someone in need is a gift we can give that can last a lifetime. Actually, it may be a greater gift for the giver because it can change us from within. Giving is an expression of love and may actually be more beneficial for the giver than the recipient. 

Finally remember there’s nothing more contagious and irresistible than laughter and good humor. Everyone welcomes and wants to be around a person with a cheerful heart.

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