Ambition and Desire = Success

Having ambition and desire are good, however they are not the same thing. A person can have many desires but not have the ambition to get what he/ she wants to accomplish. A desire requires ambition in order for it to take fruit.

I often wonder why we see so many people from other countries come into our country and become very successful. Yet many from this great country struggle financially and don’t become who they truly can become. I think the thing that distinguishes both is Ambition.

Most Who are coming from other countries are driven by both the desire and ambition to succeed. They desire a better life and they pursue it with action. They work hard to educate themselves, they gain the knowledge necessary to succeed.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

We must invest in ourselves, no one is responsible for our failure or successe. The sooner we learn this lesson the sooner we can steps to educate ourselves. We read the book on how to succeed until we put into practice the advise it gives us. We attend workshops and seminars that help us develop our skills. We ask and seek advise from those who are succeeding.

Lastly, in order to become successful, we must be happy with who we are. If we’re not happy with who we are we won’t have the success we can achieve.

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