Home Plumbing Basics

If you own your own home or event rent it’s important to know some basics. Doing a few things will prevent serious water damage to your flooring, walls and personal belongings.

First, know where to find your water main. It is the main supply line to your house. If you have a big water leak this is the first valve to shut off. You also turn this line off when fixing leaky faucets or replacing a toilet.

Second, know where your sewer line clean out is located. This is the pipe that allows you to get to main sewer line. Here you can fix blockages or do routine maintenance. You can usually find it near your property line, in some cases it’s in the basement.

Third, know where your water supply valves are. The washing machine, toilets and sinks normally have a water supply line that allows you to turn off water for that particular spot.

Finally, own a snake or auger to fix simple pipe plumbing issues. Have plumbers putty handy when fixing leaky faucets or replacing water valves.

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