Look for the Opportunities and You Will Find Them

Optimists See the Opportunities, Pessimists refuse to change. An optimist is like a blooming rose, they are appealing to the eye and our senses. A pessimist is like a thorn, you avoid them because they cause pain.

A person who is optimistic will look to find the positive in any given situation. Their desire is to get positive outcomes. Because they are positive they usually get or accomplish what they want.

A Pessimist is comfortable in the status quo. They don’t like or want change, therefore they fight change and limit their ability to grow and learn. The pessimist tends to see himself and others in a negative light. Many times they blame others and circumstances for their problems.

Surround yourself with optimists and you will bloom like a beautiful rose and help others bloom. Avoid the pessimist they are stiff and rigid and will keep you from blooming to your full potential.

Be The Exception

Be the exception she used to say. Don’t be a follower be a leader, take the initiative to do more than is expected.  My mother taught me to always work harder, to do more, to study more.  By doing what is expected before you are asked you will get further than someone who is smarter.

When you add value to others you open your opportunities to be more and become more. Those who lead the way experience more success. They are more satisfied because they live according to their core values, they have a joy and a peace knowing they are giving their best at whatever they do.

So today ask yourself, am I doing the best and I can do or am I being a follower. Am I the exception or am I just going through the motions. If you’re giving your best congratulations, your on your way to great success. If not change your habits, commit today to start being a leader by setting the example that others will emulate.