Trust A Must In all Relationships

Trust in relationships is the most important part of any relationship. Whether one is in business or involved in a personal relationship with other people, one must do what they say and mean what they say.

When we earn a clients or persons trust, it’s invaluable and many times it leads to longtime friendships. The Bible speaks to this truth and we see it play out in our daily lives.

When we get a new client they give us their business because we have established trust. Trust is given a little at a time and the more trust we earn the more trust we receive from others.

Once trust is lost due to dishonesty is much more difficult to get it back. Remember, always be open to feedback, and be sincere But your reactions. Finally, make your actions match your words and watch trust grow in your relationships.

The Gold Mind

Our minds have the ability to get us further than we can ever expect. We can get more out of our minds than we could ever get out of an actual gold mine. If we read and write down our ideas we will expand our knowledge. We have the ability to be more and become more. Be more happy and successful than we ever imagined.

The famous, Albert Einstein used to say that we only used 6-10 % of our minds. If we spend 1 hour a day writing our thoughts and ideas on paper we can grow our minds. It takes just one great idea greatly improve our work and more importantly greatly improve our lives. We tend to spend too much time worrying about things that limit our productivity and limit our success. 92% of the things we worry about are a waste of time because they never come to fruition. The other 8% of things we concern ourselves with, we either can’t change because we don’t know how or are beyond our control.

Take development of your own growth. Be a planner, a doer and a thinker. Its important to ask ourselves, am I the best or striving to be the best at my trade?

  • If you have any thoughts , please share how you have grown yourself and made yourself more valuable to your boss or your industry.
  • What if you died today?

    If you died today and I and your friends attended your funeral. Which would your family find most valuable?

    1. A $20,000 check from Gofundme
    2. A $100 dollar bill and a sympathy card
    3. A dish of food or a dessert
    4. A Flower arrangement
  • 5. A check that would allow your family to pay off debts, pay off the mortgage, pay for a good portion of your child’s education and replace years of lost income.
  • If you chose #5 message me so we can sit down and talk.
  • I know its uncomfortable to think about death and dying, we don’t like to think about dying. Death, our own or of a loved one will affect us all at one point or another. Better to be prepared to prevent financial hardship for your family.

    What plans have you made to protect your family financially?

    Get an IRA to get Reduction in you Tax Bill

    If you have a 401k at work and are over 50 and need to find immediate relief on your taxes.A Traditional IRA May be your solution.

    You have until April 15, 2019 to contribute for a tax deduction in the 2018 calendar year. Since IRA is separate from employer sponsored 401k, you can invest up to $5,500 in IRA’s plus an additional $1,000 or $6,500, if you’re over 50. Depending on your income your contribution may or may not be tax deductible.

    For 2018, once you reach $63,000-$73,00 of income as a single person – or  $101,000-$121,000 if married, filing jointly or a qualified widow(er) – you will either be entitled to deduct only part of your traditional IRA contribution or Not entitled to a deduction  at all. 

    Remember for retirement the general goal is to minimize tax liabilities and maximize earnings. If you have questions call us 575-541-3963.