Does Home Owners Insurance Cover Theft

Home Owners insurance policies will cover your personal property if it’s stolen inside or outside your home. Examples: Your riding lawnmower is stolen from your garage, you’re taking a walk and you’re robbed of your iPhone. Items stolen from your car, like a laptop would also be considered personal property and covered.

Most Home Owners policies have a deductible of $500 to meet. You would only be able to file claim if items stolen are with more than the $500. Certain items like cash and jewelry have limited amounts you are insured for. Limit on cash is usually $200 and Jewelry $2,000.

For a high-value items like jewelry and guns most homeowners policies allow you to purchase an endorsement that will increase the limit how much you are insured for.

It’s also important to know whether your personal property is covered at actual cash value or replacement cost value. Actual cash value reimburses you for the amount the damaged or stolen item is currently worth. Replacement cost value reimburses you for the amount it would cost to replace the same exact item in the current economic market value.

Finally, people listed under your homeowners policy will also be covered against theft. This includes your spouse, children, or anyone identified on the policy. Coverage extends to your child, when they are living on campus and attending college. Once your child or family member moves into their own home, the personal belongings will no longer be covered under your homeowners policy.

Old Friends

Old Friends are always a blessing and they’re like family. We all have friends or acquaintances but when you have friends whom you truly connect with, that’s a true blessing.

Just yesterday we had lunch with our old friends and we spent hours talking and catching up. As we shared our life experiences, it’s like we never missed a day since we last saw each other. . .We feel comfortable and glad to let our friends know about our personal joys and difficulties. They understand us. Most of all they love and care about us.

A true friend is closer than a brother or sister. If you’re blessed to have such a friend(s), considered yourself blessed and loved and cherish the time you spend together.

It takes guts to act

When I was young, and I always wondered why our mother would discipline us by making us get on our knees with our hands behind head. We had to remain in that position anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the severity of the offense.

I came to realize that she was disciplining us for our failure to do our shores or homework. Our mom was teaching us the importance of taking action. The sweeping, the dusting, the homework required that we would actually get off the couch from watching TV and do it.

A lot of people say they can’t lose weight, stop smoking, Or stop any bad habit that affects their well-being. Most of the time the issue is that the person cannot give up a bad habit, the issue is that they are not committed and disciplined to take action, they aren’t committed to do the things they need to do to change the bad habit.

As Tony Robbins says change your habit and change your outcome. In order for things to change, we have to change the way we think. For us to get in shape requires for us to get up a little earlier, so that we can walk outside, or go to the gym to exercise.

Finally, enjoy the small victories as you work to change bad habits. Those daily small victories lead to an increase in self confidence and a more enjoyable and transformed life.

Protecting Your Assets

Something to really think about. You’re traveling out of town with your family, driving through several states to your final vacation destination. As you drive your SUV you have a sense of peace and security.

You get to where you’re going and enjoy the food,, the wine, the delicatessens, the ocean views, visiting the many shops that cater to tourists like you. You take photos and make lifetime memories with your family.

10 days later you and your loved ones drive back home still feeling at peace and secure. You listened to the advise we gave you when we sat down face to face to discuss your liability coverages.

You made the wise choice not to carry the state minimum liability coverages of $25,000 per person and $50,000. Per accident. You chose higher liability protection to make sure your family and your assets are protected. If you had been at fault for a severe accident, you would be protected and that is peace of mind.

It’s important not to put yourself at risk to save $5-$10 per month, saving a few bucks could cost you thousands or even millions in the long run.

Christmas Is Not About The Presents

The Christmas Season for many is fun, however for some not so fun. If we place an emphasis on the presents we receive rather than the gift of time we have with family, we can easily feel overwhelmed and pressured.

Christmas is a great time to focus on what we have instead of what we don’t have or don’t get.  Extending Hospitality is the greatest gift we can give on Christmas and any time of the year.  Calling a friend, sending a card, sitting down for coffee or a meal are more valuable than diamonds or gold.

Giving to someone in need is a gift we can give that can last a lifetime. Actually, it may be a greater gift for the giver because it can change us from within. Giving is an expression of love and may actually be more beneficial for the giver than the recipient. 

Finally remember there’s nothing more contagious and irresistible than laughter and good humor. Everyone welcomes and wants to be around a person with a cheerful heart.

Why We’re In Business

I consider it a blessing and a joy to be in business for myself. I just wish I would have Had the courage to start a small business sooner.

I am an extrovert and enjoy talking and relating with people. By nature I have a knack of being able to start conversations with a person.

If you own your own business or are in any type sales job, being an extrovert is of great benefit. Many times we have to take the initiative in creating rapport with the client.

Finding out what’s important to a client is more important than making a sale. When we truly care about meeting clients needs, then follow up with great customer service we will succeed. They will see us as a resource instead of a commodity. More importantly because we created a relationship of trust, they will recommend others to us.

Ambition and Desire = Success

Having ambition and desire are good, however they are not the same thing. A person can have many desires but not have the ambition to get what he/ she wants to accomplish. A desire requires ambition in order for it to take fruit.

I often wonder why we see so many people from other countries come into our country and become very successful. Yet many from this great country struggle financially and don’t become who they truly can become. I think the thing that distinguishes both is Ambition.

Most Who are coming from other countries are driven by both the desire and ambition to succeed. They desire a better life and they pursue it with action. They work hard to educate themselves, they gain the knowledge necessary to succeed.

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest.” Benjamin Franklin

We must invest in ourselves, no one is responsible for our failure or successe. The sooner we learn this lesson the sooner we can steps to educate ourselves. We read the book on how to succeed until we put into practice the advise it gives us. We attend workshops and seminars that help us develop our skills. We ask and seek advise from those who are succeeding.

Lastly, in order to become successful, we must be happy with who we are. If we’re not happy with who we are we won’t have the success we can achieve.

Defining Success

My desire to succeed has at times blinded me to really see the successes I have accomplished. Sometimes I just can’t get out of my own way.

I’m a perfectionist and sometimes I’m too hard on myself. I’m learning to appreciate and be grateful for my everyday blessings. Being grateful makes us more positive and more attractive. When we change ourselves, we change our circumstances. We don’t become successful, we attract people who will help us become successful.

Secondly, Small successes breeds more success. When setting goals, it’s important to set goals that stretch us. We must try to be more than we are, more than we think we can be.

As all business owners, It’s critical to look at our competition, the completion that can put us out of business. We find out what makes them a success. We then do what they do, but do it better.

Finally, we determine what our aha is and we make that our focus. Our aha is what makes us truly different. For example, in my business our aha is we help our clients manage their everyday risks. We focus on providing our clients with the best advise so they understand how to protect their families and their finances.

Conquering The Cost Of College

Your child comes to you and may say they want to be a nurse, and engineer, a doctor a veterinarian.  They could also want to go into technical field like auto mechanics, HVAC, or Radiology. 

Although most children have no idea what they want to do when grown up, some do start thinking about such things at a young age. If your child can think about their future education so should you. It’s critical for young parents to SAVE for college early. The earlier the better!

College 529 Savings Plans are a great way to save for college. You can invest directly into your states 529 Savings plan. Savings can be used to pay for accredited university or private college. Vocational schools and some abroad colleges also qualify.

You simply, designate a beneficiary, your child, a grandchild, a nice or nephew, a step child. They offer federal tax free earnings for qualified withdrawals,  such as higher education expenses.  You can use funds to pay for books, tuition, room and board.  You can also pay for education for some abroad colleges.

Other savings advantages: tax deferred accumulation and estate tax reductions. It offers special gift tax treatment. A parent, grandparent, or uncle/aunt can contribute up to $15,000 into child’s 529 Plan without incurring a gift tax. In some states like NM , parents can deduct contributions, dollar per dollar off their state taxable income.

Finally, 529 College Plans have low fees, you choose your contributions and varying investment options.  Don’t rely on Loans or Financial Aid, Save for Your Child’s Education Now!

Plan Now To Succeed Tomorrow

Most vegetables are planted in spring and harvested in early summer or early fall. To have a crop you have to sow the seeds to reap the harvest. You have to do the work to get the vegetables. others like onions, spinach and scallions can be planted in winter and harvested in Spring time.

Planning for your retirement or death works the same way. You have to work hard every day and put away a small amounts of your money so it will produce small gains for future use. 

The frenzied pace of our digital lives is crazy. We are constantly on the move. too many things to do, places to be and people to see.  We all truly want to be ready financially ready when retirement comes, but too often we fail to plan for the future.

“The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second-best time is now.” – Chinese Proverb

What to do? The future comes quickly, sooner than expected and tomorrow is not a guarantee. Make a plan and commit to start no matter how small. If you have a family, buy life insurance to protect them financially in the event you pass away suddenly or from illness. 

By putting away 5-10% of your income for retirement early will compound greatly when you retire.  Proceeds from life insurance will help pay off a mortgage or pay for your children’s education.  I can’t afford it you might say. Simply switch money from your left pocket to your right pocket; go to Starbucks 2 less times per month. Commit to eat out 1 time less per month. Buy doing this, you can save and buy life insurance protection. Most importantly you’re taking care of your families needs.