Success Requires Repetetive Action

You miss 100 percent of the shots you don’t take.”– Wayne Gretzky

We see great Athletes like Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Muhammad Ali or Shalane Flanagan and we may think that they are naturally gifted therefore they succeeded more than others at their particular sport.

It’s true that skill is required to be effective at a sport, career or hobby or anything else you want to do. Ultimately hard work, faith and a deep desire to win and improve is what drives those who are great at their craft.

What we don’t see is the hard work. We don’t see the sweat , blood and tears that propel a person to their ability to perform better than others.

All great athletes miss and fail repeatedly but they get up and take the next shot, they do the extra laps, work on their throwing motion or do more sparring. Studying and learning your craft and doing the extra work is what makes a person better.

You have to be willing to take the next shot, make the call, walk-in to the prospects office. If we don’t act we don’t get what we want. If keep working and have faith we will score and ultimately win the prize, Success!

We’re Halfway through this week

Yeah today is Wednesday and half the work week is over. If you made it through the last 2 days and today. You are truly blessed.

Had difficulties at home, work or with a loved one. Guess what, many do. Be thankful you have a job and someone to share life with on a daily basis. Having someone to love is a true blessing that many wished they had.

So if you made it through today smile more, tell others you love them. Be grateful for the small successes of every day. Yes even if all is not as you want it, there’s still so many things that you have accomplished .

Every little win increases your confidence and the more confident you become the more Courage you will have to accomplish more, to live more and to love more.

Finally if you don’t smile the Squirrel will steal you corn and your joy.

Wednesday Cheers

Good morning it’s Wednesday. This means you made it through The 1st 2 days of the work week.

Today be thankful for another day and reflect on the things you accomplished or don’t get done the last two days.

Continue to take the positive steps necessary to continue growing in all areas of your life. Do the things that will grow your business, the things that will make you a better leader, the things that will improve your marriage.

This Monday and Tuesday I am thankful that I spent quality time with my wife. I’m grateful I was able to get out and run and enjoy the clouds, the sky and the sounds around me. Finally, grateful and thankful for another year of life. Thank You God for your love and your mercy.

Rest for Ultimate Performance

Getting rest is the most important thing we can do to rejuvenate our minds and our bodies. The United Stated has the highest rates stress due to overwork and lack of rest. 55% of Americans don’t take the time off that they have earned. Additionally, 110,000 million worldwide die yearly due to stress.

The harder we work at something the more rest the body needs. Research shows that athletes who train at high levels need rest, the harder the training the more rest the body needs to recover. If you don’t get the rest you need your level of productivity will drop; your health and your emotional well being suffers too.

The solution take planned time off from work. A vacation will help you rest and rejuvenate. Don’t get stuck in the rut of thinking that the more you work the more you will get done. Don’t let the fear of being outperformed or losing your job keep you from resting from your work.

A planned vacation will help you maintain or improve your family relationships. Most great memories are made during a vacation; don’t delay take time off. Your well being and your family will benefit the greatest.

When you return your work will still be there but because you rested you will be more energized and will perform better. And your boss and coworkers will appreciate you more for it.

Look for the Opportunities and You Will Find Them

Optimists See the Opportunities, Pessimists refuse to change. An optimist is like a blooming rose, they are appealing to the eye and our senses. A pessimist is like a thorn, you avoid them because they cause pain.

A person who is optimistic will look to find the positive in any given situation. Their desire is to get positive outcomes. Because they are positive they usually get or accomplish what they want.

A Pessimist is comfortable in the status quo. They don’t like or want change, therefore they fight change and limit their ability to grow and learn. The pessimist tends to see himself and others in a negative light. Many times they blame others and circumstances for their problems.

Surround yourself with optimists and you will bloom like a beautiful rose and help others bloom. Avoid the pessimist they are stiff and rigid and will keep you from blooming to your full potential.

Our Attitude Determines Our Success

Change your attitude to improve your life. If you love your life share your gift with others so they can be more, do more and accomplish more. If you don’t like your life change your attitude, it starts by acting like you have a better attitude. Act, walk and talk and see yourself in your mind having a better attitude and you will have a better attitude. You will become the happy and successful person you believe you are. More importantly you will experience more personal joy and peace in your life.

Be The Exception

Be the exception she used to say. Don’t be a follower be a leader, take the initiative to do more than is expected.  My mother taught me to always work harder, to do more, to study more.  By doing what is expected before you are asked you will get further than someone who is smarter.

When you add value to others you open your opportunities to be more and become more. Those who lead the way experience more success. They are more satisfied because they live according to their core values, they have a joy and a peace knowing they are giving their best at whatever they do.

So today ask yourself, am I doing the best and I can do or am I being a follower. Am I the exception or am I just going through the motions. If you’re giving your best congratulations, your on your way to great success. If not change your habits, commit today to start being a leader by setting the example that others will emulate.


Trust A Must In all Relationships

Trust in relationships is the most important part of any relationship. Whether one is in business or involved in a personal relationship with other people, one must do what they say and mean what they say.

When we earn a clients or persons trust, it’s invaluable and many times it leads to longtime friendships. The Bible speaks to this truth and we see it play out in our daily lives.

When we get a new client they give us their business because we have established trust. Trust is given a little at a time and the more trust we earn the more trust we receive from others.

Once trust is lost due to dishonesty is much more difficult to get it back. Remember, always be open to feedback, and be sincere But your reactions. Finally, make your actions match your words and watch trust grow in your relationships.

The Gold Mind

Our minds have the ability to get us further than we can ever expect. We can get more out of our minds than we could ever get out of an actual gold mine. If we read and write down our ideas we will expand our knowledge. We have the ability to be more and become more. Be more happy and successful than we ever imagined.

The famous, Albert Einstein used to say that we only used 6-10 % of our minds. If we spend 1 hour a day writing our thoughts and ideas on paper we can grow our minds. It takes just one great idea greatly improve our work and more importantly greatly improve our lives. We tend to spend too much time worrying about things that limit our productivity and limit our success. 92% of the things we worry about are a waste of time because they never come to fruition. The other 8% of things we concern ourselves with, we either can’t change because we don’t know how or are beyond our control.

Take development of your own growth. Be a planner, a doer and a thinker. Its important to ask ourselves, am I the best or striving to be the best at my trade?

  • If you have any thoughts , please share how you have grown yourself and made yourself more valuable to your boss or your industry.
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